The Process

Dreaming Circle is a place to gather with as we embark on the change ahead. The construct, that we are evolving + that as time moves, we hold the potential for our timeline to shift in consciousness. The value is to be with what most resonates for you + to trust the unfolding. 

The process is self guided navigation of the 9 Phases. The 9 Phases will guide + grow with you, as you rediscover another way to be with life. The understanding, that we are each uniquely individual here + that we are each on differing timelines. The call for action is for you to feel which of the 9 Phases is best for you to begin with + to continue on. Completion of all 9 Phases will require your attention, your commitment. 



The alignment with the 9 Phases is one that is individual for you. This is courage + this is heart. We welcome the unfolding + we welcome the awakening. The 9 Phases have been specifically designed to empower you individually. This is a personal + often confronting unfolding + the power within you, is the power you will require. We are calling forth your inner power + commitment.

“come what may, as you stand, as you walk, as you build with trust from within.”

Trust will come + trust will go as you embark with commitment into the 9 Phases. The understanding, that you are growing + changing; the understanding that your values, perspectives can change, your language can change + where you give your time + worth can change. Food matters, worth matters. Communication + commitment to your truth, your voice, this is worth + this matters. We are in unstable terrority out there + the choices you make today will very clearly lead you into your future.   

Question the questions

Your timeline is yours, it's within your own individual success to gather with what matters most for you, and to commit. We are within the change, we are the change. Go with courage.