There is a
phase of living

Open + curious with the unknown. Alive + well with the future. We are continuous with change. It's about letting go + re-establishing where your worth is with living. The 9 Phases are a quest for you to land your time with; designed to sit with for as long as you require; to grow with; align with.

Do you know

The story goes from here. Your story. The very life you are living. We are within a most significant time of human evolution. The understanding that what matters, matters + what doesn't, doesn't; do you dare to listen in to the growth you are experiencing.

Go Ask The dust + -

The understanding that you are alive. A living, breathing, growing, decision making human. The narrative of your process with decision making + the freedom for choice.   

The Long Stretch + -

The opening of the road ahead. We all know the days that have gone by. Where we've been, what we've done. The consideration now, of where you align, for the building of a future you trust + value.  

The Land Before The Arrow of Time + -

Time is a very well constructed piece of a way we navigate being here. We talk time all the time. We must recognise, the before period of our lives; where the time didn't enter our heads. We were in flow. 


Do you know your North Star. Your Vision. Your quest for a purpose, for a place to belong with. Standing out there in the night sky, looking way up there into the milky way galaxy; the sky's the limit. Vision ahead. 


We eat, we nurture our body, we feed our body. We pray, we communicate, our hopes, our desires. We love, we contribute to the magnificence of all life is. Question is, what are we eating? what are we praying for? where are we dancing our love? Question the questions. 


To dream. To create. To reach paradise. What's it worth to you; to dream a dream + see it into manifestation. The worth of the Earth, requires our precious attention. The worth of our dreams, requires our precious attention. The care now, is to live this for you.  


There seems to be a whole lotta dollars + a heap of your time heading that way. Talk this out. Where's the thrill you're chasing, are you in alignment with caring for our Earth. Are you truly in alignment with our commitment to a happier + healthier place for all. 



Oh where oh where do my dollars go. The holiday? The car? The house? The kids? Can this all be packed up, as we enter a ride of how to navigate dollars with worth, dollars with commitment, dollars with contribution. In a direction of what we value as our future forwards. 


Our inner voice, our inner knowing. The truth of the spark of our curiosity, our care out there + the nature of desires that are true for us. Do we feel we are with trust. Do we feel we are with commitment that is individual to our needs. Are we with silence to know, do we value the individual courage we each hold.  


The exposure of technology may be leading us astray from our true health + true happiness. We are riding with the growth of technology like never before. The alignment now is to be with the pleasure of what is health for you + what is happiness for you. The situation you are within now, may be vastly different to what it is you truly desire.

walking the high road; or walking the low road; we do have decisions to process + be with.

Enter the guidance workbooks with curiosity + self integrity. We are the makers of our future.
Welcome into the unknown. The very thill of this ride is all yours. Question the questions.
Dear Future, what will become of you. How to navigate our time here.